Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lazy Days

I haven't really been doing much the past few days because of the weather. I basically been in the house catching up on some things that I wouldn't have time to do before. Work has been really slow so I haven't been to work since last Friday?.. I believe so yea. It's kind of hard to believe that such a big clothing store hasn't been making their sales goals. I guess people are not really into the holiday shopping this year?.. I don't know. Maybe it's because of the weather also, it's been really cold. Today was a "Snow Storm" called "Electra". Electra didn't do much where I live. I was hoping for a lot more snow than that. So not impressed. But work called me again and told me it was really slow, so I was cut for today. My next pay check should be nothing, lol. It's time for to start looking for a better job.. But during this time I've been using it to start working out, updating my blog site (which is this one) trying to figure out where I want to go with it. Fashion, Beauty or Lifestyle. I leaning towards all in one. So yes. It was great having this time to myself. *sigh*.

Here's a photo I took for my outfit of the day, but it's "from where I stand" point of view. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

H&M Shoes and Acccessories

I'm always on the look out for affordable fashion pieces. I believe you can look great even on the budget. High end designers are great, but don't get me wrong some of us.. well the majority of us can't get our hands on it. H&M always make us able to have that feel like it's fresh off the runway. I love how much they put into the design & quality of their products, for a good price. Which is kind of a challenge, quality & affordability. So I admire that a lot about the H&M brand. I'm always on their website, shopping for something to add to my growing collection. As of right now here my favorite shoes & accessories:

1. Sandalettes (here)
2. Handbag (here)
3. Leather Gloves (here)
4. Knee-high boots (here)
5. Leather Bag (here)
6. Shoulder Bag (here)
7. Pumps (here)
8. Premium Quality Leather Bag (here)
9. iPhone 4/4S Floral Case (here)
10. 6- Pack Gold Rings (here)

Hope you enjoy my picks.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Only the beginning

Today I attempted to have a mini "photo shoot" with just my iPhone 4S so I can update with an outfit post. But it was kind of a fail... At least I tried. I need a camera with a tripod for a more "professional" look. It's all good though, I have to start somewhere right?... &
"this is only the beginning"

Take a look & tell me what you guys think!

P.S. excuse the umbrella, lol!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Michael Kors


Macy's currently having a sale! I NEED this bag from MICHAEL Michael Kors collection. With an extra 25% off how can I not own this??

Mind Your Mittens!

I'm always on the hunt for a new nail polish. I usually keep it the red family, with crimsons to corals (if that is even considered to be red..) But Essie's Winter 2013 collection has a color that I've been dying to try... & Guess what?? It's sold out at my CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid. I can't seem to find it anywhere. It such a beautiful dark shade, it's a great alternative to a deep plum color or a regular black shade for winter. All I know is I want!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Forever 21 Outerwear

Forever21 has definitely stepped up their game for their Fall/Winter outerwear collection. I'm in LOVE with sooo many of them. I want them ALL! Ugh! A fashionista's dream. Here are my top favorites:

Kenza Zouiten

A couple of weeks ago one of my FAVORITE fashion bloggers, Kenza Zouiten actually replied to a comment I left on one of videos from her youtube channel: (here). I was so shocked & happy that she noticed me. She is one of the main reasons why I even started my blog. Every day she posts such great photos of her life, clothes, family. Kenza even started her OWN fashion line called IVY REVEL. She has accomplished so much at a young age, makes me want to push harder to be successful in life. & follow my passion! & That comment shows you how down to earth she still is as a person. It's pretty cool!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy 1 Month to My Blog!

It has been officially a month since I've started my blog... I'm not quite sure if I want it to be a beauty or a fashion blog.. Maybe even a life style blog. I've been wanting to start a fashion blog mainly because I've been so inspired by so many of my favorite bloggers! So why not become the inspiration?.. Do what makes me happy!...& yes I am celebrating little mile stones.
So happy birthday ! Lol 

Creme de la Creme

I recently bought a the dupe for the Zoe Karssen: Creme de la Creme since the real one sold out. I purchased one from Etsy in a size medium. But it was WAAY too big for me. Which is kind of disappointing :(  Because it's such a cute sweatshirt. Not many people around where I live dress like this, they're mostly laid back but I digress.... Anywhoo, yea such a nice sweatshirt. Hopefully when I wash it the size of will shrink. *fingers crossed!!*

Friday, December 6, 2013


I'm known to wear all black everything, but now I feel like I want to expand my wardrobe. Starting with the classic denim pieces.... But with a different spin. I've been looking for the perfect boyfriend jeans, with quality and it has to be affordable. Here are some from ASOS.

Boots & Booties

Zara is starting to be my favorite place for shoes. I NEED these two pairs to start of my "grown up" show collection.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fashionably Fit

Lately, It's been hard for me to kick start my journey to living a healthy lifestyle. I've been researching how I can get motivated to start working out, but none of those methods inspired me..... So I've decided to look into being "Fashionably Fit"... (Hmmm, I should write a book about that. haha). Because....
 "When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you're wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything."

So every since, I've been looking for the PERFECT wardrobe for my fitness journey! & What better place to start than the part of body the supports you?... You're feet. Here are my top two "affordable" (well for me anyway) sneakers from Nike .

Nike Free Run Black Charcoal Gray Running Shoes

Nike Roshe Running Shoes